Production Department
In this unit, the manufacturing and painting operations of all metal equipment including steel structures and fixed equipment of various industries are carried out in accordance with the latest edition of international standards under the supervision of engineering and quality control units.
It should be noted that this department is capable of cutting, assembling and welding carbon, alloy, stainless and galvanized steel .< /span>
Currently, the production unit of this complex has the ability to produce 120,000 tons of all kinds of metal products annually by having a roofed production hall with an area of 11,000 square meters and 9,000 square meters of open space. “LTR”>.

The capabilities of the production unit of this collection can be mentioned as follows.

  1. Welding, rolling, cutting, bending and assembly of all carbon, alloy and stainless steel up to 100 mm thick
  2. Manufacturing all fixed equipment up to 300 tons
  3. Manufacturing various types of tubes Fin Tube
  4. Manufacturing all kinds of air coolers with different alloys up to a pressure ceiling of 200 Bar< /li>
  5. Types of turning, grooving and machining operations in one piece up to 18 meters long
  6. Making all kinds of heat exchangers Shell & Tube