The procurement unit of Asas Sanat Pars Company is the main responsible for purchasing equipment, goods and services for the company. By comparing the prices and quality of goods and services, this unit prepares the best and most valuable ones for the company.

Purchasing and procurement management is one of the main and headquarters activities of any organization or company in order to achieve its goals and includes all matters related to the purchase of goods and services needed to perform all processes. The purchase and procurement unit is in contact with all the departments of the company and somehow establishes the company’s relationship with foreign suppliers. The main goal of this unit is to provide timely goods, equipment and services for different departments and meet their needs in order to achieve organizational goals.

The procurement unit is aware of their needs for goods, equipment or services by establishing proper communication with different departments. Then, by searching the market and identifying the available suppliers, he selects the best products in terms of price and quality.