Engineering Design

The design and engineering unit of Asas Sanat Pars Company, with the benefit of an expert team, has successfully completed many projects in the planned time.
The area of responsibility of the engineering unit in interaction with other units is defined from the beginning of the design process to the end of the production and delivery of the product and includes the parts of initial design, detailed design and project management.

The specialized software used in this unit are:

1- Ansys Workbench, PV-Elite, CodeCalc, Nozzle Pro, MecaStack software in the mechanical design department.
2- B-Jac, HTFS, Ansys and HTRI software in the thermal design department.
3- Tekla Structure (X-Steel), Auto Cad, Solid works, Spaceclaim Catia, Inventor software in modeling and detailed maps.

This company currently has the technical knowledge and ability to design and build all types of pressure vessels such as towers, reactors, heat exchangers, stacks, air coolers, and other fixed equipment used in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

Also, the latest edition of global codes and standards such as ASME (sec VIII, V, II, IX), Tema, API (650,660,661), WRC (107,297), NACE, AISC, UBC are used in this department.